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ashtanga circle practitioner Nirmal Raja has an interesting exhibit  on display NOW thru March 8th at RedLine  Gallery in Milwaukee…   check it out!!!

Transitions in Perspective – Myth and Mirror Works of RedLine Mentors Nirmal Raja and Dara Larson reflect upon travel in southern India. Raja and Larson shared a year of discussions to create prints, sculpture, video, and installation that explore myth and mirror, place and memory, pattern and color.


NYT Article: The Art of Transformation by Holland Cotter

10 Rules for Students, Teachers, and Life by John Cage and Sister Corita Kent

Buried in various corners of the web is a beautiful and poignant list titled Some Rules for Students and Teachers, attributed to John Cage, who passed away twenty years ago this week. The list, however, originates from celebrated artist and educator Sister Corita Kent and was created as part of a project for a class she taught in 1967-1968.

Click here: Some Rules For Students and Teachers

The circle’s inspiration.



A few years back I had the privilege of traveling to study with Peter Sanson, a marvelous teacher,with a heart of pure gold, in the stunning land of New Zealand. I also got to spend time with such inspiring pals both in NZ, and on the Melbourne peninsula in Australia. This sketch was one I was working on at the time, a playful interpretation of energy and negative space.  I never would have guessed it’s central ‘circle’ would be a foreshadow of things to come, and even make its way into our logo.  Though recalling the spirit of practice, and sheer joy that was abound on that journey down under, its actually quite fitting to use it here.  This ashtanga practice is magical when you get to the nectar of it. It takes time, endurance, perseverance, kindness, honestly, forgiveness, compassion, bravery, humor, but above ALL the ongoing willingness to try….oh and sweat, sweat, and sweat. x