thanksgiving scheduleAshtanga Circle Yoga Center celebrates the art and science of traditional yoga practice.  Honoring an age old wellness system designed to detoxify the body, relieve the mind, and nourish the heart.

We believe we are all beginners, that there is always something to explore, learn, contemplate or consider.  That, in addition to feeling positively amazing in our bodies, regular ashtanga yoga practice can help make us kinder parents, more grateful children, more loving partners, above all, more compassionate human beings.

Founded in 2011 by Lynn Reif Mutchler.  ashtanga circle was born from the love of yoga practice, and the enormous effect routine practice of yoga has had on her own life.  November 4th, 2013 officially launched their new space in Shorewood, WI.

“Yoga is the total integration of your entire personality” -Sri. O.P. TiwariMorning light


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